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Inspired by Italy, crafted with love here in California
Aglianico  -  Barbera  -  Dolcetto  -  Nebbiolo  -  Negro Amaro  -  Primitivo
Refosco  -  Sagrantino  -  Sangiovese  -  Vermentino

Barbera and refosco bottles.jpg

Why grow Italian grapes?

I fell in love with the grapes of Italy while learning about wine, first Nebbiolo, then Aglianico, then on and on. For those of us who love earthy wines full of savory soulfulness, Italian wine is the place to be. And while planting and growing them, it became clear that they will also be the key to California's wine future.

What makes Prima Materia wines different?

We want the grape and our volcanic terroir to speak together. We honor each wine's tradition through how we prune, train, and cultivate our grapes, and then using low impact techniques in the winery such as long aging in neutral barrels and slow fermentations. We like to use tradition as a guide, but only when it helps focus the uniqueness of our high-altitude volcanic soils, situated between the Mt. Konocti volcano and the Mayacamas mountain range that produces the best Cabernet Sauvignon in Napa.

What is the best way to try them?

For a limited time you can try a mixed case for $275 that ships to most states. If you live near Oakland I will even deliver it to you in person.

- Pietro owner/grower/winemaker

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