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Prima Materia has a little room for custom crush and wine consulting projects up to 12 tons during harvest 2022. Contact us to talk about creative arrangements if you have unsold fruit, private label interests, or have custom winemaking needs. We provide hands-on, detail-driven winemaking and can help guide projects from picking to bottling (and beyond) with consistent 90+ point results.

We are particularly good with:

  • Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon

  • Rhone Reds and textured Whites

  • Italian cultivars and low-oak styles

  • Pinot Noir in the Burgundian style

  • We are fine with whole-cluster fermentations, orange wines, and low/no SO2

  • We are not set up for reductive whites (SB) or whole-cluster pressing however


Wine Consulting
With 15 years spent in vineyards and the winery, I am available for consulting projects. Having brought two brands to the market and with direct experience in retail, restaurants, and on the wholesale side, I have unique insight into navigating the challenging path of bringing a small label to life that includes the fun part of getting grapes into the bottle, and the difficult task of selling those bottles. In addition to business consulting and guidance for small wineries, my real passion is rolling up my sleeves and spending time in the vineyard and working towards a clear stylistic goal in the winery.


  • Picking and sorting decisions

  • Fermentation decisions 

  • Élevage options

  • Blending (and when not to)

  • Unfiltered practices

  • Bottling protocols

  • Making it all work with minimal expense

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  • Planting and trellising decisions

  • Irrigation tuning

  • Canopy management and crop assessment for intended wine styles

  • Rootstock and clonal decisions - specializing in Italian cultivars

  • Picking decisions


Private or custom label wines
Prima Materia can also create custom labeled wines for your restaurant, retail wine shop, or private business or event use.
This can be in the form of a fully custom project from vineyard sourcing through labeling, or simply purchasing unlabeled bottles of Sangiovese, Barbera, or a red blend and putting your label on the bottle. We can help with TTB label approval and label printing with a minimum purchase of 20 cases or a barrel quantity.

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