2018 Negroamaro

Tasting notes: Juicy, round and very fruit friendly with a dusting of fine tannin. Plum and general grapiness abound with notes of fig, olive, ripe red fruit and pleasingly rustic earthiness. There is a wonderful fresh funk that always accompanies Negroamaro as well in a bright, almost glou glou-vibrant style.


Vineyard: Clone FPS 02.1 (imported by Sutter Home oddly enough) on 1103P rootstock. Planted in 2012 on bilateral cordon utilizing “California sprawl” trellising and varying a north/south orientations. Strangely, Negroamaro hates direct sunlight, so an elaborate trellis-weaving technique is used to block afternoon sun. Nearly dry farmed. No pesticides. Hand harvested.


Winemaking: Harvested 9/8/18. Fermented gently in a small tank. Fermentations lasting 12 days. Wood-basket pressed. No sulfur added until bottling, and no racking until bottling. Unfined and unfiltered but totally stable and clean.


Vintage: Ah 2018. It started off fast and furious. We avoided the drenching rain of 2017 and as summer came it got hotter and hotter. 3 weeks of 100-degree days, and just as the vines started to look tired, then came fire. And then came magical cooling for months, slow-ripening 82-degree perfection. While what became a great season was marred by the specter of smoke, our grapes tested clean, and fruit-forward reds (like this one) became possible.


Label Image: Johann Mylius was a composer, physician and ardent alchemist. His Philosophia Reformatafrom 1622 was a deep dive into scientific principles and doctoral Theology divided into seven parts, and seven of the 10 emblems on the cover link to the iconography of previous alchemists.


The phrase “Vinum in Agris” means “wine of the countryside,”

alluding to Negroamaro’s humble but satisfying nature.

2018 Negroamaro

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