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Join us for a tasting of Aglianico in Oakland

tasting room wine flight
Aglianico tasting at Prima Materia

What is Aglianico Wine?

Aglianico, pronounced Ah-lee-ahn-ic-oh, is considered to be one of the three greatest Italian wine varieties  — the other two being Sangiovese and Nebbiolo. Being absolutely loaded with character and complexity, It appeals to those who love big, bold and expressive red wines.

Aglianico — Big, Bold, and Expressive

Aglianico is one of Italy's most ancient grape varieties, believed to have been brought to Italy by the ancient Greeks. It loves hot climates, and indeed, requires the heat to bring its enormous character to full ripeness, which is why our's is grown in the hot, volcanic, obsidian-rich soils of Lake County.

With its beefy tannin structure, Aglianico is sometimes blended with Merlot to add roundness to the mouthfeel. Prima Materia's Aglianico is interplanted with a small amount of Montepulciano in the vineyard which we co-ferment with the Aglianico to complement the complexity and fullness.

When you visit our tasting room, we'll lead you through the journey where you'll get to enjoy Aglianico alongside other varieties such as Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, and Sagrantino, giving you a full understanding of what you love. Prima Materia's tasting room is open on Saturdays from 2 to 7pm, and Sundays from 2-6pm. We are located at 482 49th Street, at Telegraph Ave. & 49th in the Temescal Alleys of North Oakland, behind Esqueleto. We offer two different flights of 6 wines to try, and for every two bottles purchased we'll comp the tasting of one tasting flight. We only have outdoor seating, so please consider the weather when visiting. If you want to try Refosco, or talk Italian grapes with Pietro, this is the place to go. Cheese plates are also available. Children and dogs are welcome, a sample menu is below, and we are all vaccinated. ​ Wheelchair accessible tables are available. Please let us know your accommodation needs in the request space when booking a reservation.


Sample tasting room menu 4-1-2022
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