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info@prima-materia.com | Oakland, California


About: 48 cases produced

Portuguese Tinta Roriz clone FPS 01 (not Tempranillo)

Fermented in t-bins, destemmed and crushed, fermented 10 days to dryness.

Wood basket pressed. 2 years in 2 neutral barrels, racked once but forced to be reductive.

No SO2 for first 12 months, 30 ppm free at bottling. Hand bottled.

This is an impossibly smooth wine, with rich red rapsberry jam fruits framed by funky truffle, moist earth and licorice tones. Very unlike the our Italian wines but really unique unto itself. 


Vineyard: Novavine budwood vineyard 15 miles north of UC Davis. This is a vineyard grown for budwood to graft onto rootstocks. There are over 200 rows of different grapevine clones grown here in the sandy Yolo soils. The light soils develop good aromatics tempered by the persistant heat of the valley that yields soft, low tannin wines, much like Eastern Washington. The goal here was to make a tannin-free, somewhat funky fruit bomb with no oak rather than a leaner Douro model.


The label: A Quabalic image combining astronomy/astrology with destruction, birth and fire-breathing 1680 interdisciplinary cosmic dragon art. All kinds of awesome.


Tinta Roriz 2013