Savory, but with a round rosato-style boddy, this was a fun yet serious rosé to make. 50% Primitivo that was harvested early and direct pressed, then lees-stirred in barrel as the "flesh" in the mix. 30% Barbera saigneé forming the spine and crisp backbone, 15% Sangiovese and 5% Negroamaro. Unfiltered but sparklingly clean and bright.


Tasting notes: Apricot, peach, strawberry, pepper, touch of salty brine and iodine, bright acidity and wet rock minerality. Completely dry but with a bit of palate weight from the grape blend. Light enough to quaff on the porch but hardy enough for a cheese and charcuterie board.


Label image: From The Journey of the Fortunate Prince in 1610 we see full alchemical drama in play. The eagle is Mercury, linking heaven and earth while the lion (Sulphur) with severed paws is the living axiom to dissolve the fixed and coagulate the volatile. Burning trees, ouroboric dragons, old men eating the moon, a metallic tree stump being revivified by the fountain of youth, an eternal hourglass demanding focused patience while all things are encased in the myrtle tree of love. All these things are connected by a strong branch growing from metals below to life above. Clearly filigreed French alchemy in fine form.

2018 Rosé

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