2016 Primitivo

Grown at 1450’ elevation on red, obsidian-strewn soil resulting from Mt. Konocti’s volcanic upheaval, our Primitivo combines 2 vineyard blocks with the hope of finding dignified Primitivo-ness in the land of Zinfandel.


Tasting notes: Red fruits of raspberry maceration, pepper, smoke, tea leaf. Soft, fine-grained tannin with characteristic low acidity. No new oak, highlighting the slightly different nature of Primitivo versus Zinfandel.


Vineyard: One our first vines planted in 1999 and then another block in 2004. Both are clone 02 on St. George rootstocks. The blocks are trained differently and planted in different orientations. California sprawl and quadrilateral training.


Winemaking: All blocks hand harvested 9/17/16 and fermented separately in stainless and bins. Fermentation lasted 17 days. Wood-basket pressed at dryness. No sulfur added for 10 months, bottled at 14 months.


Vintage: Despite a dangerously early bud break, vintage 2016 was almost boring. A bit of early-season shatter and rain occurred but summer was pretty moderate and the fourth year of drought left just enough rain to support the average-size crop. August was quite gentle after a few heat spikes, as was September. It was almost meh compared to super short 2015 and super difficult 2017.


Label Image: Contemporary artist Bill Gian has been a friend of Prima Materia’s for some time, and we were excited when he offered his “Black Poppy” painting to use. Much of Gian’s art explores his Greek-American heritage, and it felt like a worthy match to Crljenak Kastelanki’s own cultural identity inquiries, both past and present. Also, the black poppy is quite metal, with links to sleep, death, and Morpheus’ binary world of dreams as child of Nyx.


3.78pH, 14.5% ABV

2016 Primitivo

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