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We grow our own grapes at 1,500' in Lake County's red volcanic soils.

We don't use herbicides or pesticides, and we naturally craft unfined and unfiltered wines using traditional methods to produce wines that respect varietal correctness

and classical styles.

Prima Materia is the product of two decades spent working in vineyards, wineries, and cooking in restaurant kitchens that ranged from Michelin starred to hamburger (and fried chicken) consulting. We planted most of our grapes at 1,450' of elevation in Lake County's red volcanic soils, and every bottle hopes to capture a distinctive, Old-World inflected voice in harmony with California's vast and evolving wine history.


Prima Materia is a bottom-up adventure that begins with digging holes, pounding stakes, and constant time spent in the vineyard first, and then the winery. We are proud to work within an ancient agricultural tradition, and that vast, sometimes cyclical history is a central part of our story,.

The wines are crafted in criminally small batches of two to ten barrels each, producing 1,200-1,500 cases per year. The winemaking and grape-growing are intensively hands-on, using stems and time, gravity and buckets, rather than fancy, impersonal machinery or mechanized processes. Prima Materia's wines are unsulfured for much of their lives, allowing them to evolve as living things and new oak is rarely used. The wines are unfined, unfiltered, hand harvested, and hand bottled, and use minimal sulfur, and they are clean, stable and ready for long aging.

Our goal is to respect our location, soils and climate with signature Lake County ripeness up front, but through our wine and vineyard practices the wines echo earthy Old World profiles through texture, acidity, and "earthiness" on the finish. We strive to produced nuanced, thoughtful wines that pay proper respect to both our location and the storied histories of our vines.

Planting grapes
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